September 28, 2013

ghost in the shell – stand alone complex ~solid state society~ + special (blu-ray)

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anidb ~ mal ~ ann



A.D. 2034. It has been two years since Motoko Kusanagi left Section 9. With Togusa now at the helm, the expanded team is confronted with a series of mysterious incidents tied to a high-level wizard hacker nicknamed “The Puppet Master”.


source: blu-ray
main feature resolution: 1916×1076 (anamorphic 1918×1078)
tachikoma special resolution: 1280×720 (anamorphic 1276×720)
video codec: h264 10bit
main feature audio codecs: 5.1 flac
tachikoma special audio codecs: 5.1 ac3, 2.0 ac3
audio languages: japanese, english
subtitles: english (ass)

crc / md5:

ghost_in_the_shell_-_stand_alone_complex_-_solid_state_society[1916×1076.h10p.flac][niizk].mkv – d5c152e9 / b0dfd1886092eaf7e3c072ed98ad0006
ghost_in_the_shell_-_stand_alone_complex_-_solid_state_society_-_tachikoma_special[1280×720.h10p.ac3][niizk].mkv – b5bb1daa / 590678754fab85d953d843add0bf2503

do want!

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